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Range Animals at Full Draw

Dead-On Range Finder is the simplest and most effective Range Finding System for Bowhunters...Guaranteed!

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Bow Hunting Range Finder System:

Dead-On Range Finder installs on your bow sight, Works on all sights, Works on any speed bow, Works from tree stands or ground, Works on right and left hand bows, Works on all animals, Non-electronic and permitted in most states (Check your State’s regulations to confirm)

We ship anywhere within the USA!

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Easy to Use

Instantly range animals hands free while at full draw, with no game spooking movement. Dead-On Range Finding System produces results accurately and efficiently, every time. Range animals on the move or in thick cover. Simply bracket the animal while at full draw then use your sight pin and release!

Easy to Install

The Dead-On Range Finder is Universal and Installs on ANY BOW SIGHT in a matter of minutes. Every system kit comes with complete details. Installation of our state-of-the art Range Finding System is simple, straight-forward and can be accomplished by any Archery Hunter.

“Fast, accurate and pardon the pun, but ‘Dead-on’. This little gem has helped me bag game that I would have likely missed by inches based on the distance I was assuming. You won’t find me in the woods without it!”

Matt Manley

“Dollar for dollar, this is THE most effective solution to ranging game at a full-draw. Elk, Sheep, Deer or Bear, the Dead-On Range Finder is a must for serious bowhunters.”

Byron Parsons

“Nothing beats bowhunting, except being able to quickly range a deer without needing hands required by other range finders…..Dead-On did the job quickly while at full draw. A must have for ethical harvests.”

Brian Spanyer
How It Works
Installation Steps

The Dead-On Range Finder is Univeral and Installs on ANY BOW SIGHT in a matter of minutes. Every kit comes with complete details. Complete installation of our state-of-the art range finder is simple, straight-forward and can be accomplished by any Archery Hunter.


  1. Clean the side of the bow sight pin guard.
  2. Peel the protective back off of the Dead-On Range Finder to expose the adhesive surface.
  3. Apply the Dead-On Range Finder to the bow sight pin guard where it will give you the best view of your game animal and press firmly. You do not need to ‘line up’ with any of your sight pins.
  4. Place the fiber optic pins in their positions starting from the bottom according to the appropriate calibration chart in the package insert. This will calibrate the Dead-On Range Finder for your draw length and specific game animal.
  5. Once you have your product installed and the pins set, your site will look similar to this example of a 3 pin sight. (Click for larger image)

That’s it! Your Dead-On Range Finder is now ready for your next Big Game Hunt! Of course, we highly recommend that you practice with the range finder at various ranges* to familiarize yourself with the Dead-On Range Finder. You will find that integrating the “ranging” process into your shot steps is effortless, quick and can be performed at a full-draw.

Tips for greater success with the Dead-On Range Finder
Match the color of your Dead-on Range Finder yardage pins to the color of your sight pins. Then simply range a color, and then use that color of sight pin. No need to count your pins.

Set our range finder up for two different animal species by using two different color fiber optic pins. Example: green for Elk setting and red for Whitetail setting.

Practice quickly ranging your target and transferring to your shooting pins in a smooth, low-motion effort, relying on the high-visibility fiber optics of the Dead-On Range Finder.

Cut a guage (stick or board or an old arrow) to length: 17 inches for whitetail, 20 inches for mule deer, 28 inches for elk and turkey, and 14 inches for antelope. Place the guage next to your target. At 20 yards, the guage, from top to bottom, will fill the 20-yard space on your Range Finder. Try this at other yardages, too. Fine tune your Range Finder’s fiber optic pins by moving them to line up with the guage. Note: some targets will actually be close enough to the right size to act act as the guage for calibration (just bracket the target every time and you will become a wild success in the hunting woods)…

Calibration Guide

The Dead-On Range Finder ships with a calibration guide and recommended settings for whitetail, mule deer and elk. For other species, please contact us here.