How the Dead-On Range Finder Works

Based on the tried-and-true practice of 'Bracketing'

For centuries, successful Big Game Archery Hunters have, in one fashion or another, used the concept of bracketing an animal by measuring them from belly-line to back and relying on reference points between them, and their prey to estimate a distance.  The Dead-On Range Finder has brought this practice into the 21st century using state-of-the-art, vibration dampening materials and created a lethally accurate bracketing system. 

Unlike standard Laser Range Finders, the Dead-On Range Finder is a "hands free" ranging device that can be used while at full draw.  The high visibility fiber optic ranging pins can be calibrated and matched to your bows sight pins for quick, reliable shot distance calculations.

Video Demo

Basic Opertaion of the Dead-On Range Finder

Step 1: At full draw, align the bottom pin with the belly line of the animal and measure the back. You’ll immediately know the distance.  Works from any shooting range!

* If the back of the animal is halfway between pins, the animal is 25, 35, 45, or 55 yards away.

Step 2: Transition from Ranging the animal to your sight pins.

Step 3: Using your current pin setup, make the shot.
Range whitetail and antelope to 50 yards, and mule deer, elk, and turkey to 60 yards.

It's that simple!

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